The Future of Mission – 3D Renderings

As an element of their strategic focus in 2014, the Economic Development Select Committee (EDC) commissioned a graphic and digital design firm to produce 3D digital images of both the waterfront and downtown Mission. The intent was to develop a future vision of these two areas that would help create a stronger sense of direction and purpose while also conveying to the community and investors the redevelopment potential.

This work was just recently completed. The imagery is compelling as it demonstrates the redevelopment potential of these priority areas of interest in our community. Because it is a digital framework, all design elements (building facades, sidewalks, and people) can be easily changed to accommodate community input, which will be important as we update our Official Community Plan in 2015.

Mission Waterfront Streetscape
3D Rendering of a Streetscape near the Mission Waterfront.

These recently completed images are based on the Downtown Action Plan and Incentive Package and, for the waterfront, the images are based on the market feasibility study conducted in 2010, which takes into consideration the appropriate density, market absorption rates and scale determined to be marketable and profitable for development. In other words, they are visual aids based on what is believed to be realistically achievable and not just a creative vision.

This is a very interesting and exciting time for Mission. The landscape is literally changing and current investment interest associated with commercial, industrial, recreational and residential investment in our community is growing.

A significant reason for this activity is that Mission is forecast to double in population and jobs over the next 30 years. The growth that is visibly moving west to east is obvious and keeping pace with this is the need for places to live, work and play. While this presents obvious challenges, it also presents significant opportunity.

In total, six development areas will undergo this imaging exercise. In addition to downtown and the waterfront already completed, specific commercial, industrial, residential and recreational lands will receive the same treatment and will be used as a complete package for future marketing and communications exercises associated with sharing our vision for the community.

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