It’s “Lights, Camera and Action” In Mission

Camera and crew are becoming a regular addition to the streets of Mission as an abundance of TV series and movies head to the District for film opportunities. A combination of the low Canadian dollar, tax incentives and world class talent here in BC are leading to a surge in activity.

Mission, BC 2014 2015 YTD 2016*
Number of Productions 8 25 9
Number of Film Days 34 87 21

*January – March 2016

In just the first two months of the year, the estimated benefit to Mission’s economy through a combination of location fees, donations, local business spending and filming permits is in excess of $58,000, making for a substantial boost to the local economy.

Amongst others, productions include:

  • White Hot – A Hallmark TV movie based on the #1 New York Times Best Selling Author Sandra Brown.
  • MTX – A Disney live-action adventure comedy about a boy who can control technology with his mind.
  • The Real MVP – A Lifetime original movie based on the life of NBA star Kevin Durant’s Mom, Wanda Pratt.


Post office - action scene  - credit Bob Friesen
White Hot – courtesy of Bob Friesen

Continue to watch this space as Hollywood’s big boys, including 21st Century Fox and Universal Studios film in BC with recent blockbusters including Deadpool and The Revenant.  Current films in production in BC include trilogies 50 Shades of Grey Part 2 & 3 and Maze Runner 3.

Film in Mission

2 thoughts on “It’s “Lights, Camera and Action” In Mission

    1. Hi Paul – we have never been asked to put a request out for extra’s. There are many agencies that deal with extra’s in BC. I will ask our contacts and see if I can get you further information.


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