It should come as no surprise that studio potter Jo Priestley creates such unique and inspirational pieces, just getting to the studio takes you on a journey of discovery, from wooded terrain to beautiful gardens offering breathtaking views across the valley. Set in her award winning gardens, it is more than a shopping excursion but a chance to experience Mission at its best.

It was moving to Mission that finally gave Jo the opportunity to have her own studio and from humble beginnings she can now claim to have pieces displayed in galleries across BC and in private collections around the world. The style and forms created highlight the time and originality of technique Jo places into each piece.

1JP 2008 Forest Fossil Urn
Forest Fossil Urn by Jo Priestley


Working on a potter’s wheel she turns functional ware and one-of- a- kind pieces, in high fire porcelain and Raku clays. Once dried and trimmed they are fired in the kiln and then glazed.  Jo has created her own “recipes” and mixes all her glazes by hand. They are then dried again and fired for a second time.  This creates the beautiful porcelain pieces.  For the Raku, Jo uses less conventional means such as smoke and horse hair to craft one-off finishes.

Understanding the dedication taken to produce each piece gives you a greater appreciation as you examine the striking finished results in the studio.

Call to make an appointment at 604 826 3482.

Jo Priestley Studios

“You cannot use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have” – Maya Angelou.

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