Prepared for Life

Being prepared is like having an insurance policy you hope you will never use,” advises Mission entrepreneur Nancy Bartlett, owner of Life 472; supplier of 72 hour ready-to-go emergency kits for the home, school, place of work and car. She has now also branched into pet kits tailored for our extended family members.

After moving into a renowned earthquake zone, Nancy discovered she could not purchase a kit locally and uncovered a niche market that has enabled her to offer a local, quality product with an extended shelf life (4-5 years), which is an important factor in preparedness.

The kits are determined by the number of people you need to provide for and include the tools required to stay self-sufficient for that crucial 72 hour period. This includes items such as food bars, water, first aid kit, blanket and flash light.    As the five year shelf life on water and food bars is reached, you will receive a reminder to just replace these pieces of your kit, keeping customer costs and satisfaction a priority.

Business peeked this last December within 20 minutes of the rumble most of us felt across the Lower Mainland, and there are many other emergencies that can effect a community,  making the grab-and- go kits an asset on many levels, as was witnessed recently with Fort McMurray.

Being community minded is an important element of living where you work and Nancy now partners with Mission Association for Community Living (MACL) providing paid training where MACL participants have the opportunity to learn skills in assembly line production.

Are you prepared – get more info

“There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.” – Author, Stephen King.

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