Catering for the Crowd

Exercise can be hungry work, so where better to grab a bite after your workout than at Red’s Grill, located in the Mission Leisure Centre. Red’s is owned and operated by local entrepreneurs Scott and Danica Stene, a team who have gained a loyal customer base due to their tasty American Classic menu, which also includes the very Canadian “Poutine Burger”.

Red's Grill Poutine Burger
Red’s Grill Poutine Burger

Meeting more than the lunch rush, Red’s Grill work alongside many local community sports groups catering for tournaments and events, often negotiating discounted prices that ensure all team players can afford to eat. Giving back to the community is an important part of their philosophy and living where they work has allowed them to build close connections since they first opened in 2004.

Through attending local events they noted a lack of burger joints and have since expanded their service with the purchase of a food truck, “Red’s Grill Rollin Burger Shack!” As a member of the Fraser Valley Food Truck Association they can be seen at events across the Lower Mainland and the line-ups confirm those burgers are worth the wait.

Reds Grill Canada Day 2016
Red’s Grill at Canada Day Mission


Offering everything from Slush Puppies on a hot day, to coffee for those rink side ice times, Red’s Grill will always look to accommodate.

Check them out at the Mission Leisure Centre, 7650 Grand Street, V2V 3T3. Open daily until 9pm.

For further information on catering or birthday parties contact: 604 814 2839 e mail:


Food trucks are a rising tide lifting all boats in the local restaurant industry.”  – Author, Institute of Justice.


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