Driving Success in Mission

T-Lane Nation is a driving force in the Mission community, hiring 75 local workers from Drivers to Office Staff for their transportation, logistics, warehousing, crane and ramp production/rental company. Now deemed as industry leaders, this family business has developed from humble beginnings 16 years ago with one truck, to a fleet of Drivers and Owner/Operators based out of 11 offices and six warehouses across Canada.

Tim-Germain - T Lane
Tim Germain – Customer Concierge and CEO


So what has steered this success? It is in part due to the philosophy and work ethic inspired by Customer Concierge and CEO Tim Germain, who prides himself on customer expectations being met or exceeded every time.  All staff, regardless of their position is assigned as a Customer Concierge first and foremost.  In fact T-Lane has no need for voicemail as a staff member will always answer the phone, and yes, this includes Tim himself.  “Without the customer, we are nothing,” states Germain “The customer and our attention to them is everything”.

Staff health and wellness has also become a key component in securing and keeping their thriving workforce, with 3 yoga classes offered throughout the day, along with a monthly health and fitness newsletter and free fresh fruit and filtered water made available for all.

More than employees, T-Lane has created a family who work and play together, with philanthropy an integral part of their approach. Each staff member is given two paid days off per year to allow them to give back to the community, to a charity of their choice.  This is paired with the corporate charitable donations made each year to causes including Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Golf Fore Kids.  This has been the foundation for developing corporate pride that extends beyond the work day.

T-Lane welcomed Mayor, Council and local business leaders as part of the 2016 Business Tours

Having gained a substantial customer following and a dedicated team of workers, T-Lane’s success continues. Always on the lookout for new employees and Driver/Owners, check out  T-Lane Recruitment for more on career opportunities and to keep up to date on a company that continues to go places.

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