Champion Employers

Mission Association for Community Living (MACL) have long been community advocates looking to build bridges to create an inclusive and caring society where individuals with developmental disabilities are given the support and opportunities for a fulfilling quality of life.

One of their successful and growing programs is Employment Services, which partners local business and employees with a disability. Matches are made based on the skills of the employee and the requirements of the business.   Prior to finalizing a work placement, potential recruits are offered skills development through MACL’s Job Club, where work expectations, interview skills and job readiness are all covered. This is followed by onsite job training and coaching supported by a member of the Employment Services team, Disability Awareness training for company staff and ongoing support and development for all parties involved.

Successful MACL Job Club participants

It is not surprising that the list of participating companies continues to expand. “Champion Employers”, as they are described by MACL, include Mission Springs, The Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce, Superstore, Liberty Tax, Pro-Oil, Mission What’s On Magazine, Wentings Cycle and Mountain Shop, VIP Soap Products and Eleni’s Restaurant.  This gives workers a range of opportunities in retail, manufacturing, catering and office duties.

So why hire through MACL?

  • Increases customer loyalty and sales (research by the Job Opportunity Information      Network found 78% of Canadians were more likely to buy from a business that hires people with disabilities than from a company that does not).
  • Expands workforce diversity
  • Strengthens staff morale and lowers staff turnover
  • Gains community credibility
  • Cost effective
  • Employs dedicated staff who are motivated, enthusiastic, willing to learn and will take on any task
Mike working at the Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce

So what are you waiting for? With a list of employees waiting for the opportunity to help your business – contact MACL’s Arienne Jaeb at 604 820 1815 or e mail: for more information.

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude” – Author: Scott Hamilton, Olympic Gold Medalist & Special Olympics Ambassador.

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