Think Mission

There is no need to travel or fight those Christmas line-ups when we have so much to offer right here in our hometown. From classic long standing businesses like Rex Cox Menswear and Lanka Jewels to those tucked away gems such as Apostrophie + Co. and Mac & Mango.  Then add a thriving artisan community with the Mission Arts Council and local experiences like guided fishing, golf and The Reptile Guy, or a pampering session with a hair, nail or massage appointment and you can see that Mission really has something to offer everyone.

Small businesses struggle to compete with the box stores at this time of year, but the products on offer and the service they give make it worth your while dropping in and taking a look for yourself.

Have you ever been to Apostrophie + Co? Elisabeth Shevchenko first opened the doors in 2012 with this boutique store and hair salon offering an eclectic range of home décor, ladies and children’s clothing, men’s grooming products and jewelry. This really is a unique shopping experience that also supports BC artisans and companies like the Vancouver Candle Company, giving you the opportunity to support more than one local business.

A few of the benefits of shopping local:

  • Unique businesses create and build the character of our community.
  • Locally owned businesses offer local employment opportunities.
  • You can build relationships and gain detailed product knowledge.
  • Small businesses keep the money in our economy – for every $100 worth of spending in Mission $46 recirculates, compared to $18 in chain stores.
  • believes a 1% shift in consumer spending to local businesses would create 3,100 jobs and $94 Million in wages to B.C. workers.

So let’s make an early New Year’s resolution: To SHOP MISSION

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