Leading the Charge

Tri-M Technologies Inc. relocated from Coquitlam to Mission 4 years ago, as three quarters of their staff were commuting from Mission each day. Moving the facility and offering the team the option to work from home has enabled the retention of key staff, many of whom have been with the company for 15 to 25 years.

From their Mission base they have continued to lead the charge in the manufacturing of high technology power and back-up energy products that primarily serve the mining, transportation, aerospace, medical and military industries. With key focus areas in electronics and laser etching, the company is in demand both locally and overseas with clients in Canada, USA, Russia, Israel, South Africa, Australia, and across Europe.

With a wide range of clientele, the areas where equipment is required to work are varied and often in extreme conditions, including computer systems that must function with high vibrations, weather extremes, G-force and even zero-gravity, operating on anything from boats, planes, trains, mining equipment, high altitude balloons and sound rockets. In these circumstances system failure is not an option and Tri-M have created a reputation and product that can withstand scrutiny from industry experts, including NASA.


Closer to home Tri-M work on laser etching with Mission based businesses, including Cimtex Industries, engraving identity numbers on parts and with BC based companies in the hotel industry, etching glass panels for hotel room management systems.

Not only does Tri-M want to reach the stars but they also want to connect with the local community. To achieve this they offer free laser etching on bike frames and medical identity bracelets.

Company President, Ed Foster, believes in supporting the community and hired a local staff member who he had previously coached in baseball. He now assists her with continued education. The team is like a family and as they continue to grow and develop they aim to hold the same work ethic and philosophy that has proved to be an important element in their success to date.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Author – Arthur C Clarke

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