Mission’s 24/7 Landmark

This iconic classic American-style diner has been part of Mission’s landscape since the 1950’s coming under its current ownership with the Schiller family in 1986 as Rocko’s DinerKnown locally as the 24 hour diner where you can go for that substantial all day breakfast or hearty burger and milkshake, they have also gained a reputation overseas appearing on several European websites under “places you must go if visiting Canada”.    

With staple menu items remaining since the doors first opened, like the foot long hotdog and Hi-Lite burger to newer items including poutine and 19 plus milkshakes (yes, even – alcoholic milkshakes!) this is an intergenerational hangout and eatery, attracting teens, families, regulars and plenty of drive by traffic, with line ups often forming outside when Mission Raceway Park is hosting an event.

Debbie, Betty and Kelly



The family run business extends beyond the Schiller’s, although the baton is passing from parents to daughter Kelly, who has fond memories of growing up in the diner.  Now the Kitchen Manager, and third generation of Schiller’s at Rocko’s, her daughter is keeping the legacy going, by regularly coming in with Kelly to help with the dishes.  The 25 staff is an extension of this, with Betty, the Serving Manager, joining the conversation as the longest serving team member at 33 years. Kelly quips “She is like my second Mom.  We are one big family here, with staff and customers all included.”

So what has changed over the years?  Well the meats include free range Fraser Valley chicken and AAA Alberta beef and the brining and smoking are done by Rocko’s ensuring high quality and lower prices that are passed on to the customer.  Plus, they have an “A” list status with the movie industry, becoming a hot commodity for TV and feature films.  Currently starring in the new hit TV show Riverdale, you can also see them in Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief, Horns, Killer Amongst Us and many Hallmark movies.

Rocko’s transformed for Riverdale



However exciting it is to see them on the big screen, nothing beats that first-hand experience so head to 32786 Lougheed Highway to taste test for yourself!

Mission Economic Development Department – Recognizing Mission’s long serving business as we celebrate our 125th Anniversary.


2 thoughts on “Mission’s 24/7 Landmark

  1. I love this place….i met my husband in1989 and we went to Rocko’s every day. In1991 we had a daughter and we brought her there. We now have moved away but when i was back visiting i brought our grand daughter for lunch…i couldn’t believe the same server was there giving us the same great service.


  2. My mom worked there in the 60’s it was Nick’s to us kids and I loved the hush puppies! We even got to eat in the car. Way before the A&W was built!


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