Flying High

While venturing into a travel agency is by far the most relaxing way to book a vacation, for the staff it is a fine balance of answering the phones, bookings, paperwork and client discussion. You really do need to have skills in multitasking to run a successful travel business, and none are more skilled than Debbie Trenholm and the team at World Odyssey Travel & Cruise.

World odyssey
Debbie Trenholm


In business since 1981, with the “Newbie” staff member having worked there for 11 years, the experience and comradery is immediately apparent. The customer service is exceptional as everyone is treated as a client, which extends beyond those walking through the door to the tour operators and airlines on the other end of the phone.

Debbie was well travelled before choosing this career path, in fact this may have been what led her and husband Rick to purchasing the business and now Debbie shares her years’ of experience with those looking to get away.

“One thing is constant in the travel world” advises Debbie, “and that’s change”. Back in the early days everything was hand written, using vast amounts of reference material, with the biggest percentage of the clients being business travelers.  Today fewer people travel for business, with modern technology making face to face meetings less relevant but they now have increased leisure time and go on more personal vacations.

So what kind of experiences are people looking for today? Debbie advises that Asia has become very popular with more expanding into Vietnam and Thailand; another upcoming destination is Iceland.  They are also seeing destination weddings on the rise, as are extended family groups looking to share memorable experiences.



In the news recently, the press highlighted that travel agencies were making a come-back as people now realize they can make the reservations much faster and often cheaper than you can at home. The team at World Odyssey Travel advises that the Mission community has always supported them and they are grateful for their long term customer base. “Mission has a real community feel and supports their own and in turn we look to support them”, Trenholm remarks, and as a long serving member of the Rotary Club of Mission Mid-day she regularly gives back to the community.

See for yourself at World Odyssey Travel & Cruise, 32530 Lougheed Highway, Mission. Tel: 604-826-8090.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous

Recognizing one long serving business each month as we celebrate our 125th Anniversary.


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