Compassion and Community

Mission’s funeral home has been serving the community since the early 1900’s, under a number of owners and names, moving to the current location back in 1928 and now known as Woodlawn Mission Funeral Home. Steeped in history, archives and personal memories the building has been modernized over the years, but has been mindful to keep many of the heritage features and all the hand written records going back over the generations.

Woodlawn Funeral Home - Tammy 1
Tammy Miller


Managed by Tammy Miller for the past five years she has worked with the philosophy that she is intrinsic to the community and that the service she offers is not a business transaction but the opportunity to serve, connect and bond with those she comes into contact with. This truly is her vocation and one she sees as the most rewarding career path she could have chosen. “I am so passionate about what I do and feel so honored and privileged to serve our Mission community.” states Miller. “I truly look forward to coming into work each day and go home feeling good that I have had the opportunity to help people during their most difficult times.”

As the Funeral Director, Embalmer and everything in between Tammy is able to offer a completely personal service and sees herself as an advocate for those who can no longer speak for themselves.

Services have changed over the years, going from a very solemn occasion to a celebration of life. With less formality the focus is now to find a place to meet and the opportunity to reminisce and remember; allowing the slow process of healing to begin.


Tammy is a firm believer of giving back to the community and does this on both a work and personal level as a member of the Mission Rotary Club and board member of Mission Hospice Society.

Woodlawn also offers free personal planning seminars to enable you to determine your own service, rather than adding to the burden of family members. Plus a Compassion Helpline paid for by the company for close relatives and those attending the service, offering 24-hour support for the first 13 months. During one of the most difficult times of the year, Christmas, the home offers a candlelight service on the first Monday in December. All families from throughout the year are invited to attend as this is seen as a time for hope and reflection.

Woodlawn Mission Funeral Home–7386 Horne Street. Tel: 604-826-9548

Recognizing one long serving business each month as we celebrate our 125th Anniversary.


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