Business is Blooming

Technaflora Plant Products Ltd. business partners Jason Goodman and Andrew King got off to a rocking start through a shared love of music, in particular the band the Grateful Dead. With both attending hundreds of concerts over the years, they laugh at how many times their paths potentially crossed before they were formally introduced through consultation work with Technaflora. So how did the duo transition from “Dead Heads” to handcrafted fertilizer specialists?

Technaflora - Jason and Andrew Office
Jason Goodman and Andrew King

On first working for the company both Andrew and Jason saw the potential with the comprehensive liquid fertilizer plant products that have now established them as industry leaders. Initially receiving stock options, they built up to become majority shareholders and have not looked back since.   The mutual respect for each other’s core proficiencies set a clear division of responsibility between Jason who leads business management and Andrew with operations, but when they come together they make a formidable sales team.

The early days were not easy, with them carpooling for approximately three hours a day to their small factory in East Vancouver from their shared home in Maple Ridge. Determined not to waste a minute they used this time for everything from business discussion and brain storming, to family updates. Eventually after several relocations they purchased the first warehouse established at Silver Creek Industrial Park in Mission, seeing its potential and their ability to dramatically reduce their daily commute. With an established Research and Development department and a full on-site laboratory the original formulas are all created, manufactured and distributed from Mission, with clientele stretching across North America and Europe,

With 15 staff guided by an authority matrix management style, they have been given the tools and responsibility to make decisions, enabling them to take full credit for their high level results and to be accountable for areas requiring improvement. This has paid off as many of the staff are coming into 10 and 12 years of service. This helps establish a tight-knit family-style environment where everyone is respected as individuals and support and assistance abound


Staying focused on their core values and product line has enabled Technaflora to lead the way with innovative methods of creating and distributing liquid fertilizers and specialty products that can be utilized individually or combined to create the ideal “Recipe for Success™” for all plant types and stages of growth.

Celebrating 20 years in business Technaflora is currently rebranding, and their unique style which hints towards the team’s musical and artistic passions, sets them apart from their competitors. With catchy product names like “Sugar Daddy™” and “Thrive Alive™”, and marketing to their clients through their leisure time by attending and sponsoring music festivals and other community based events rather than the standard gardening shows, demonstrates how this company is thinking outside the box.   It is also proof that staying true to who you are can see your business thrive and grow.

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