Cheers! To long serving business

The 14th Avenue Pub has been serving cold brews since its doors first opened in the 1970’s. Although it has changed hands and names a few times over the years, the old English public house look and feel has remained and is now somewhat of a landmark for Mission residents.

14th AVe pub - Attila 1
Attila Davalosky – Manager

Touted as “your neighbourhood pub”, for the group of locals who have been coming in every day for years, it is more of a home away from home and a place to catch up on the latest news and chat with friends over a coffee or a pint.   The support of regulars like this is a big part of why the business has continued to thrive.

Pub sales ebb and flow with the ups and downs of government policy and the impact they have on available spending money. Big changes have included the switch in sales tax and amendments to liquor policy including happy hours and the establishment of minimum drink prices, which all saw a downturn in sales. However, the 14th Ave Pub had the foresight to open a liquor store and the combination of the pub and store has kept business consistent throughout the years.

The latest change in ownership took place last December, and with a strong team already in place, headed by Attila Davalovsky, they continue to strive to improve. Some of the transformations made have included a larger menu selection offering daily specials and 17 draft beers on tap, including a vast range of craft beers. One of the firm favorites has become the pubs own lager, aptly names the 14th Ave lager.

14th Ave Pub - staff
The team at the 14th Avenue Pub

To give back to the community the pub work with local charities and groups including school parent advisory councils and sports groups to offer Burger & Brew fundraisers, which fill the bar most weekends starting in September. They also run a successful karaoke night every Friday and bring in live bands the second Saturday of the month, which are drawing in new faces, creating a lively evening atmosphere.

As for the future, washroom renovations and a website are under consideration. So “Cheers” to the last 40 years and here’s to the next!

125To get the latest news and information head to their Facebook page at The 14th Avenue Pub or just drop in at 32516 14th Ave, Mission.

Recognizing one long serving business each month as we celebrate our 125th Anniversary.

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