More than a Veterinary Hospital

Our extended families often include the fur babies we bring into our homes, who can quickly take a piece of our hearts and become intrinsic to our everyday lives. It is therefore important to find a professional veterinary practice that we trust to take care of our pet’s health.

Mission Veterinary Hospital has been filling that role since the early 1990’s and have been serving the community as a practice since the 1950’s. As our relationship with animals has changed, so has the business model, evolving from a dairy and farming practice back in the 50’s to the pet wellness focus of today.

Lightning  the cat


The practice was the first in Mission and originally served the farming community, travelling across the Fraser Valley to care for sheep, cows, horses, goats and chickens.   In 1992 Dr. Susan Calverley purchased the hospital, by which time small companion animals had become the larger part of the business. To this day the team continues to provide services for pets including health checks, surgery, nutrition and behavior counselling and dental cleaning.

However, it was Dr. Calverley’s interest in rehabilitation and physiotherapy that gained the hospital a reputation for being on the cutting edge of veterinary practice. In 2011 the team began specializing in canine rehabilitation and working in partnership with OrthoPets™ to create custom prosthetics and orthotic equipment for pets. Patients travel from across BC for an appointment for their pets with disabilities as this offers an alternative to euthanasia and gives many animals a new lease on life.

The team of twelve often cares for animals from birth through to end of life, developing strong relationships with both pets and owners. Today they are seeing second generation Mission residents come through the doors and continue to be grateful for the support the local community has given them over the years. In return, the team works closely with local animal charities like the Fraser Valley Humane Society, and even spayed and neutered 25 rabbits found hopping around the grounds of the University of Victoria.

Mission Vet 1
Part of the Mission Veterinary Team


So what does the future hold? Well, Dr. Calverley sold the practice in 2015, but currently still works at the hospital part-time. Her future plans include sharing her extensive knowledge through teaching prosthetic and orthotic animal care to University students.  The new owners also have veterinary clinics in Abbotsford and Kelowna and plan to expand, bringing an additional veterinarian to Mission, as the patient list continues to grow with 2017 being the busiest year to date.

Mission Veterinary Hospital, 7195 Horne Street, Mission.   Tel: 604-826-8456

Recognizing one long serving business each month as we celebrate our 125th Anniversary.


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