Sleep Soundly

The Mission Snore MD Sleep Apnea Clinic is helping sleep-deprived patients enjoy better sleep, energy and health thanks to their easy-to-access diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

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A recent study suggests that 40 per cent of Canadians will experience a sleep disorder during their lifetime. At a growing chain of BC sleep clinics, staff have a saying, “Sleep better, live better”. As Snore MD celebrates the opening of its new sleep apnea clinic, the team reflects on what a difference they’ve already been able to make for families in BC.

“It’s incredibly rewarding,” says Michael Davis, Snore MD team leader and a registered respiratory therapist. He recalls a man who wandered into one of their sleep clinics last spring, with sallow skin and baggy eyes, desperate for help with his sleep disorder after having fallen asleep at the wheel.

“He worked long hours and couldn’t get to a health care professional to get help for his exhaustion. After working with us, his life has completely changed. He has a new outlook on life, and his wife and even his kids are happier because he’s a rested, positive guy. He comes in all the time and drops off muffins for staff because he’s so grateful.”

Snore MD uses the latest technology and treatments—supervised by its team of respiratory therapists, doctors, and nurses, all experts in sleep disorders—to diagnose and help to solve sleeping issues such as sleep apnea, snoring, restless sleep, and insomnia.


Snore MD also offers a free online sleep test for anyone who feels they may be suffering from a sleep disorder, the most serious being sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can cause breathing to stop repeatedly while sleeping. These breathing pauses or ‘apneas’ can last up to 30 seconds and can happen many times throughout the night, leaving a person feeling tired and lacking motor function.

“Traditionally, sleep apnea was thought of as a male disorder, however, females are just as much at-risk,” says Davis.

If left untreated, sleep apnea can cause high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, motor vehicle collisions, depression, decreased sexual function, and work-related injuries.

“We have plans to expand more clinics throughout the province. We plan to open a clinic every six weeks for the next two years,” says Davis. “It’s been incredible to know that we can affect so many people’s lives by raising the level of health care standards.”

Unlike most medical clinics, what makes Snore MD Sleep Apnea Clinics so unique is that they are open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, and an appointment is not needed to walk in and talk to a specialist. Snore MD’s services can be offered in cooperation with or without a family doctor, as no doctor referral is necessary to attend any of Snore MD’s BC sleep clinics. And it doesn’t stop there. Snore MD take pride in their Care For Life services, which they continue to provide long after testing and diagnosis is completed.

“That’s what has made us so successful. We offer great accessibility and ease for those wanting to get tested. We’ve created a form of health care that is customer centered and accountable. We put our patients first,” says Davis.

The results have been reflected in customer experiences, with rave reviews for therapy received so far.

Your Mission Location is at #250 – 32530 Lougheed Highway

Michael Davis RRT (Team Lead) Snore MD Sleep Apnea Clinics

778-345-8337 or e mail:

Article provided by Katie Shaw – Twin Creek Media


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