Tirelessly Serving Mission

As we head into winter weather and driving conditions, the safety and reliability of our vehicles becomes a priority, which is made apparent by the amount of activity taking place at Symons Tire and Automotive Centre.


This family run Mission business is no stranger to busy days and hard work, starting from humble beginnings back in 1973, when Larry Symons first opened his doors on the site of the old Mission Auction Barn (now the location of Prospect Equipment). Not only managing the day to day running of a new business, Larry and wife Sharon were also bringing up their family and dealing with unforeseen circumstances like the flooding of the property, due to high river levels.

By 1976 they had built up the business enough to purchase their own premises in their current location on Glasgow Avenue. Over the years they extended both the building and number of staff, and now have 10 bays and a team of 16 employees. A very different story from the early days with their one and only employee Daryl Alstad, who still works for them 44 years on! Over the years the team have worked together developing from a tire service, to brakes and mufflers, suspension, as well as general automotive repairs – basically a one-stop-shop for your vehicle needs, from cars to RV’s and commercial trucks.

Today Larry and Sharon are “taking it easy” compared to the early days, however, their idea of easing into retirement is still spending the majority of their time at the shop with son Jason taking over. Having grown up with the business, he follows in their footsteps and continues to build the reputation the business has developed for exceptional customer service. He’s also a firm believer of the importance of giving back to the community and among other interests has been involved in the local soccer club, Search and Rescue team and has been a volunteer firefighter since the age of 19.

Symons - Larry and Jason 1
Larry and Jason Symons

When asked for the secret of running a flourishing company Sharon advises, “The success of our business is due to the great employee base that we are fortunate to have and of course the faithful customer base that we are honored to serve. Without either it would have been impossible to have moved forward for 44 years.”

The truest testament to their customer’s loyalty is that they have continued to support them over the years, with their client’s children and grandchildren now also using Symons Tire and Automotive Centre.

In the last of our special 125th Anniversary editorials, recognizing Mission’s long serving businesses, one common theme has emerged, without the support of local residents they would not be the thriving, successful businesses they are today.

Symons Tire and Automotive Centre – 33245 Glasgow Ave, Mission Tel: 604 826 9119

Recognizing one long serving business each month as we celebrate our 125th Anniversary.


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