Focus on Tourism

Mission has a varied and unique selection of tourism products that see visitors travel to our community to experience the place that we are fortunate to call home.  With the tourism industry continuing to play a significant role in BC’s economy in terms of revenue earned, tourism activities and the creation of employment opportunities, Mission Mayor and Council have recognized tourism in their goals and objectives.  After engagement with tourism stakeholders, the Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce and staff, council are now looking to align key tourism based projects, activities and marketing through the Economic Development Department (EDD).

Clare Seeley has been appointed as the Tourism Manager and comes with over 25 years’ experience in tourism, project management and economic development, with a focus on communication, online content and relationship development.    Having previously worked as the Visitor Services Manager for the Chamber of Commerce, Clare has developed strong ties with the local and provincial tourism partners and welcomes the opportunity to develop a tourism strategy to enable Mission to build on the Super, Natural brand identity created by the provinces crown corporation Destination British Columbia (DBC).

Clare 2
Clare Seeley

This spring will see the process get underway, as all parties work towards the transition of tourism services.  The Chamber will continue to run the Visitor Information Centre during the 2018 season.  Chamber President, Andrea Walker said ” The Districts plan to focus on tourism is solid. It’s going to be a fabulous step forward for not only business in Mission, but for the whole community. It’s time for Mission to shine!”

A business plan is currently being developed, with four pillars identified to support the successful transition of tourism and to cultivate a climate of industry success for 2018-19:

  • Marketing and brand development – creating a vision, mission and brand identity that inspires and attracts visitors to the community, while also generating a sense of pride for local residents.
  • Partnership development – fostering alignment within the community, industry and region to unify the marketing message and cultivate relationships to maximize funding opportunities and increase visitation.
  • Product developments – sustain and enhance existing experiences and develop and attract new product to create year round tourism growth.
  • Visitor Information Services – offer ease of access to information and create a welcoming environment for those visiting the community.

Seeley noted that tourism can offer many benefits to a local community including the development of amenities, community beautification and pride, the preservation of the local cultural, historical and artistic characteristics, the development of festivals and events, the enhancement of outdoor recreational facilities, increased economic benefits and improved quality of life for residents.



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