Happy Homesteader – Bee Insprired

The Happy Homesteader introduces to Mission a treasure trove of quality supplies and know-how for anyone who loves to preserve their own food and for anyone who has always wanted to try.

The owners, Allan and Lorna, just celebrated their grand opening on May 26th, and have been thrilled as the store is exactly what they envisioned when they started. Lorna had always dreamt of having a kitchen store and they both wanted a business in the community where they live. Several years ago they began with their own bee hives and with Lorna’s professional catering experience combined with Allan’s carpentry expertise in bee hive and smoker making, things naturally blossomed into this fruitful result.

Happy Homesteader


Inside you’ll find a treasure trove of equipment and supplies for all types of food preservation whether its strawberries or vegetables from your garden or the fish you just caught. If you’re a big game hunter, there are grinders, sausage stuffing supplies, smokers and dehydrators to turn that game into yummy food. For those who love to can there is canning equipment, pressure cookers and a variety of jars. There are exclusive and unusual items such as beautiful German style Weck canning jars that are entirely glass with a rubber seal and English Kilner jars that have the flip top style. In addition to lovely glass Kabucha kits and cast iron bacon presses. Beekeepers can find supplies and equipment as well as order in bees. And if you’d like to enjoy some local honey, you can find it here. Whether its honey in the spring, jam in the summer or meats in the fall this is an all season store for your preserving needs.

And if you’ve always wanted to try preserving but don’t know how, Lorna is putting together ideas for class offerings in the store’s open concept kitchen that has a large selection of different types of preserving equipment. One such idea is to start with a strawberry and look at the different ways of preserving it. From making it into dehydrated yogurt fruit drop, to making jam using chia seed to as the pectin, to making it into a balsamic honey dressing for a salad. They’re also looking to offer simple bee keeping classes.

Their business is community minded and they’re proud supporters of local charities and support charity functions part of their start up in the community.

Yummy food, getting back to basics, living a lifestyle of self-sufficiency and giving back to the community is what this small new business is all about.

Check out what the buzz is all about, visit their store for your next project idea – Happy Homesteader, 33180B 1St Ave Mission 604-814-2800

Blog by Kate Myers



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