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The Art of Carving

A trip to the workshop of Peter Wayne Gong, Coast Salish artist and carver is an experience in itself, with the smell of sweet cedar welcoming you, along with an opportunity to speak to the craftsman and see first-hand his love of the work he creates, embodying his connection to his nation, the land and long oral history shared through the generations.

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Shop Local – Love Local

Looking to get ahead of the Christmas rush? Then keep reading, as Mission has so many unique shopping opportunities right on your doorstep. From classic long standing businesses like Rex Cox Menswear and Lanka Jewels to those tucked away gems such as Tea Time Decor, The Happy Homesteader, Mac & Mango, Silk Degrees, Beach Basket, Black Bond Books and Spark

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2018 Highlights for Economic Development

The Economic Development Department plans to hit the ground running this year, building on the momentum gained across their key objectives in 2018. With the expansion of the tourism mandate, along with project initiatives including the Stave West Recreation Area and the Mission Waterfront Revitalization Strategy, 2019 is expected to be as busy and diverse as last year.

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Love Where You Live

It is all too easy to take where you live for granted, it often isnt until we have guests from out of town, or really stop and take stock that we find renewed appreciation for our community and the lifestyle available to us on a daily basis. So here is a gentle nudge to highlight some of the amazing places,

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A Mane Mission Attraction

Horses are part of Mission’s long and rich history, from the days when they were a major form of transportation, to their contribution to our local industries including forestry and agriculture. Today they have become lifelong companions, a main leisure pursuit and a means of bringing the community together through a shared interest. Thanks to the Mission Horse Club, horse

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Focus on Tourism

Mission has a varied and unique selection of tourism products that see visitors travel to our community to experience the place that we are fortunate to call home.  With the tourism industry continuing to play a significant role in BC’s economy in terms of revenue earned, tourism activities and the creation of employment opportunities, Mission Mayor and Council have recognized

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